A border for a verified community, and the Wilds beyond, as shown in Delirium (TV Series).

The Wilds is a collective name for the wilderness and ruined towns located outside of the verified communities and their legal parameters. The American government claimed until the Incidents that the place was devoid of people when in reality there were many camps and Invalids residing there.

History Edit

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The Wilds came into being during the Great Sanitation. At this time, the American government had identified love as a disease and was mandating that every city and town become a verified community and receive the cure for occupants over 18. Those communities that refused were destroyed and borders were set up around those under the government's protection. Everything outside of these verified communities became known as the Wilds.

Although it was thought that everyone outside of the verified communities was killed during the Great Sanitation, in reality some survived and continued to live in the Wilds. They came to be known by the colloquial term "Invalids". These numbers were added to when Uncureds and sympathizers escaped from the verified communities to live in a world without the cure. In addition, many families formed and gave birth to children who had never set foot inside a verified community.

Eventually these people formed their own communities, living as camps and helping one another to survive the harshness of the Wilds. This place also became a major source of recruitment and planning of the resistance.

Not everyone worked together in the Wilds, however. Another group of people known as the scavengers preyed on anyone and everything in order to survive and were considered extremely dangerous.

When the Incidents occurred and the resistance bombed many verified communities, the American government retaliated by bombing the Wilds for the first time in decades as well as sending troops of regulators in to destroy all remaining Invalids.

Notable Landmarks and Places Edit

  • Homesteads - Places where camps of Invalids stay within the Wilds. Most of these are abandoned houses or bomb shelters. One notable homestead is the Rochester Homestead which was destroyed in retaliation for the Incidents. People who use homesteads are known as homesteaders.
  • Camp Waterbury - A short-lived camp settled just outside the verified community of Waterbury during the time of Requiem. It was one of the largest settlements of Invalids together and as such conditions were squalid at best. The camp was later destroyed by regulators.

Known People Born in the Wilds Edit

Known People Who Escaped from Verified Communities into the Wilds Edit

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