The Rochester Homestead is a homestead near the verified community of Rochester. Lena Haloway spends time there when she first crosses over into the Wilds. It is later bombed and destroyed in retaliation for the Incidents.

Description Edit

The Rochester Homestead is described as being mostly underground and made of stone. There is a storage room, a main room, several rooms for sleeping (segregated by gender), and a sick room. A bombed-out community runs almost on-top of the Rochester Homestead, suggesting the Homestead might have been a bomb shelter at one time. A river also runs nearby which allows the occupants to receive supplies from people upstream. They also communicate with sympathizers inside communities with birds and paint; green paint meaning supplies coming, yellow paint meaning wait for supplies, and red paint meaning danger and run.

Destruction Edit

Sometime in winter, after the Incidents, Lena Haloway checked the birds and realized they were dripping with red. She ran back to the Rochester Homestead as bombs began to drop, warning them what was going on. Her actions resulted in many people making it out alive.

The first place known to be destroyed was the sick room before everything erupted into chaos. Grandma and Squirrel disappeared and were never seen again, implying they were both killed by the bombs. It is unknown what else was destroyed or how badly damaged the place was but what is known is that they immediately headed south and next year didn't return to the Rochester Homestead, suggesting the place was beyond repair.

Known Occupants Edit

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