Steve Hilt
Age 17 (Hana)
18 (Requiem)
Home Portland, Maine
Gender Male
Status Uncured (Hana)
Cured (Requiem)
Fate Living
Appearances Hana
Relationships Hana Tate (ex-girlfriend)
Celia Briggs (pair)
Steve Hilt was a boy Hana Tate was romantically involved in before she was cured.

When they were uncured, they would send each other cryptic messages explaining which parties to go to so that they could meet up. Hana was somewhat obsessed about him and asked him more than once what sort of future they would have, despite the hard evidence that both would simply be cured and paired to different people. Steve would deflect these questions as he was only concerned about the now and was completely content in being cured and paired like everyone else. Once Hana realized this, she broke up with him and from that point on until they were both cured, they didn't see each other.

Hana does see him, however, after she's cured, at the mayoral inauguration party of her fiance, Fred Hargrove. As a cured, he at once looks more grown-up and old and Hana is unable to believe that she used to love him the way she thought she did once.

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