Even when they're being relatively nice, you can't help but think of all the bad stories you've heard--the raids and the beatings and the ambushes.

–Lena describing the regulators


Lena Haloway being searched by a regulator, as shown in the Delirium Pilot.

Regulators are a special type of police within the Delirium Trilogy, entrusted to ensure that everyone adheres or "regulates" to the rules of society. They are mostly concerned with Uncureds and whether they have contracted the deliria or not. They are also largely involved with raids--nights when people are randomly targeted in their homes and searched to ensure they are not sympathizers or Invalids. Any people found in violation of the government or in contact with the opposite sex while uncured are arrested and/or executed.

Regulators can either be paid for their work or else volunteer. All regulators are cured.

The only named regulator within the entire Delirium Trilogy is Dev Howard.