Marcia Tiddle
Home Portland, Maine
Gender Female
Status Cured
Fate Deceased
Mentioned Delirium
Relationships Carol Tiddle (Mother)
William Tiddle (Father)
Jenny Tiddle (Daughter)
Grace Tiddle (Daughter)
Annabel Haloway (Aunt)
Rachel Haloway (Cousin)
Lena Haloway (Cousin)

Marcia Tiddle is an unseen character mentioned in Delirium.

She was born in Portland sometime after the Cure was made mandatory to William and Carol Tiddle. Like most people within verified communities, she had her evaluations and was cured soon after she turned 18. It is possible that the Cure did not work the way it usually did with others as it had the side effect of making her cry or laugh hysterically for no reason at all. She most likely did well in her evaluations as she was paired with a scientist who was highly respected in the community and they went on to live in a big house on a good street. It is mentioned that she made every meal from scratch and taught piano lessons to keep busy.

Marcia expressed reluctance to having children but nonetheless had two, Jenny and Grace Tiddle, as that was the number proposed for her family by the government. It is mentioned that Jenny and Marcia both had the same "pinched look".

These good times ended, however, when her husband was accused of being a sympathizer, someone in league with Invalids. He was set to go on trial which everyone knew was just for show and he would most likely be either executed or thrown into the Crypts but he managed to escape into the Wilds. Marcia was indicted in his place and the day after she had a heart attack, possibly from the stress and fear.

Lena Haloway uses Marcia's story in Delirium to explain why people's physical bodies must be protected from their emotions at all costs.

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