Grace Tiddle
Eye color Gray
Age 6 (Delirium)
7 (Requiem)
Home Portland, Maine
Gender Female
Status Uncured
Fate Living
Appearances Delirium
Relationships Marcia Tiddle (Mother)
Jenny Tiddle (Sister)
Carol Tiddle (Grandmother)
William Tiddle (Grandfather)
Rachel Haloway (Cousin)
Lena Haloway (Cousin)

Grace Tiddle is a character shown within the Delirium Trilogy. She is very dear to Lena Haloway's heart and is instrumental in several scenes throughout the novels. The rest of her family believes she cannot talk throughout most of Delirium.

Early Life Edit

Grace Tiddle was born to Marcia Tiddle and an unnamed father in Portland. She has a sister, Jenny, who was born three years earlier. Although Lena mentions she probably doesn't remember, Grace's earliest years were good. Her parents were well respected and had a nice house on Winter Street.

These good times ended two years later, when her father was accused of being a sympathizer. He ran away to the Wilds and his wife was indicted in his place. She died a day later from a heart attack, the stress too much on her body. Jenny and Grace, now orphans, went to live with their grandparents and cousins.

Her mother's death had a huge effect on Grace and may be a large part of the reason why she later became mute. Lena only ever heard her say the word "Mama" at night and realized she was crying. Lena came to care for Grace as she too had lost her mother when she was very young.

Delirium Edit

Grace is mute for the large part of Delirium and Lena is seen encouraging her to speak or helping her with her with daily tasks. Grace is shown to be upset at Lena's imminent departure which would have happened when she got cured and eventually married. Despite this, she was instrumental in helping Lena escape to the Wilds, speaking the single word "wait" and leaving the rest of the family astounded while Lena ran.

Lena mentions that one of her regrets of leaving Portland was leaving behind Grace.

Requiem Edit

It is mentioned in Requiem that the entire family had to move to the emptied Deering Highlands as no one wanted to associate with a family that had so much disease.

Grace is later seen by Hana singing. Lena eventually comes to rescue Grace and take her to the Wilds.

Personality Edit

Grace is described as being "dumb" by others. Most people believe that she is mentally slow and unable to understand what is going on around her. Lena realizes this to be untrue when she hears Grace speak for the first time, thinking that perhaps her mother's death caused her muteness. It is also implied that Grace may not speak as a sort of defiance and that she may be in fact extremely clever.

Trivia Edit

  • With the exception of the main characters, Grace is one of the few Uncureds seen in the trilogy.
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