Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Security is in the Details. Happiness is in the Method.

–A DFA Slogan

Deliria-Free America
Thomas Fineman standing against the logo and advertising for Deliria-Free America
Leader(s) Patrick Riley
Notable Members Julian Fineman (formerly)
Fred Hargrove
Founder(s) Thomas Fineman
Headquarters New York
Affiliation(s) Cureds
Purpose To cure everyone of every age
Status Active
Appearances Pandemonium
Delirium (TV Series)
Mentioned Raven
Deliria-Free America (or DFA for short) is a major organization within the Delirium Trilogy. It was founded by Thomas Fineman with the aim to make the Cure mandatory for everyone, including those under 18.[1][2]

History Edit

At some unknown point before Pandemonium, Thomas Fineman founded Deliria-Free America (DFA) in New York. Julian Fineman mentions at one point that his father spent much of his time in his office doing work for the DFA and that he and his brother often helped him fold pamphlets[3] which suggests both that his father was dedicated to his organization and that it lacked members in its early days.

This was not the case later, however, as the DFA grew into quite a large organization around 7 years before the events of Pandemonium, with branches in other valid communities including Portland and with many supporters. It also had a smaller sub-organization for those under 18 which was called the Youth Guard. Julian Fineman was the president for this group.

By the time of Pandemonium, the DFA had gained so much sway that it was threatening to overturn laws that had been put in place more than 40 years earlier, especially given the Incidents which had occurred only several months previously. Julian's resistance, and later escape, of the cure and Thomas Fineman's assassination did nothing to change public opinion in verified communities that the DFA was correct in its doctrine.

Patrick Riley became the DFA's president after Fineman's death.

Aim and Beliefs Edit

Thomas Fineman founded the DFA with the belief that everyone, including those under 18, should be cured. He argued that even though there would be complications and defects to those cured under 18 it should be done anyways as a world where people remained uncured was also a world where disease and disorder could run rampant. The DFA claimed they would't stop protesting until legislation made it mandatory for everyone, regardless of age, to be cured.

There were also dissenters to these beliefs, mostly from the scientific community. They claimed that curing those under 18 would lead to too many defects and a malformed nation. Their voices were nearly drowned out by the time of Pandemonium, though.

Known DFA Members Edit

Thomas Fineman - Founder and President.

Julian Fineman - President of the Youth Guard. Participated in much of the DFA propaganda, rallies, and meetings. Later renounced his ties and joined the resistance.

Lena Morgan Jones (Lena Haloway) - Not a true member but rather an Invalid posing as one in order to help out the resistance.

Mr. Doveney - Portland's President.

Patrick Riley - President after Thomas Fineman's assassination.

Fred Hargrove - No public ties but is known to support the organization in private.

Trivia Edit

  • The DFA's crest is an eagle and a syringe.
  • The DFA is strongly associated with the color white as it represents cleanliness and purity.

References Edit

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