The cure

The three-pronged scar that all cureds have, as shown in the Delirium Pilot.

Cureds are people who have received the cure and therefore cannot suffer from amor deliria nervosa or other strong emotions like the Uncureds. They are recognized by the three-pointed scar they have on their neck from receiving said cure and from their distant, filmy expressions.

The large majority of cureds are over 18, however, a few are slightly younger since they were forced to receive the cure earlier due to contracting the deliria. Most cureds who are younger, though, do not seem to receive the cure as well as those who are older and can suffer from mental problems, paralysis, blindness, even death, or the cure may simply not work as well. The cure also seems not to work on several actual "cureds" who despite the name and receiving the cure still suffer from deliria or have strong emotions. This was the case with Lena Haloway's mother, Annabel, who despite having received the cure three times still suffered from deliria and had strong emotions.

Known Cureds Edit